Friday, April 19, 2013

Week 17 of Pregnancy

I actually wrote week 16 half way through the week so if this post seems too soon its because that is why.

This week the baby is the size of… I got 3 different vegetables/fruits comparisons this week… an apple, turnip, and onion.  I’m more inclined to compare the baby to the size of an apple because the other two are just not appetizing.  The little apple of our eyes.

After having lunch with two of my oldest friends from middle school, I was in the car driving home and started to feel something a little strange in my lower belly.  It almost felt like when you’re at a loud concert and feel the bass in your chest.  Only this was much more subtle and in my uterus.  It felt like nothing I have felt before so I’m guessing this is the first time I have felt baby kick! 

I feel pretty good this week.  I started having occasional back aches and ligament pain.  It feels like my belly keeps changing sizes.  I still haven’t graduated to that “definitely pregnant” look so I still just look a little bloated.  I am up 5 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight though.  None of my pre-pregnancy pants have fit for about 1 ½ months.  I bought a few maternity dresses, skirts, and only one pair of jeans in hopes of warm weather but again the weather hasn’t been on my side.  I keep declining to buy more jeans because it just doesn’t seem worth it since it is the middle of April already.  Maybe I’ll stop into H&M this weekend to take a look at their maternity wear.

My skin is also starting to get some of its color back and clear up a bit.  Before, I looked really pale and had many red dots on my face.  I definitely didn’t have that pregnancy glow but it might be starting to finally appear.

My brain, however, has been plagued by pregnancy.  I went to the bank today and they asked me to input my PIN number… I still can’t remember it!  I’ve used that PIN for a year and a half but it’s just not in my brain anymore…I eventually had to change it.  And I have forgotten where I parked twice already… I feel so triumphant when I find my car!  Oh well…

No serious cravings to report this week.  I did have a strawberry/lemon crepe today, which I may crave again soon.  It was yummy and I can see it again in my near future!  I am able to eat much healthier things than I had been eating earlier in the pregnancy.  Chocolate is a huge turn off for me and the taste makes me cringe.  Anything sour or salty is my best friend.  I’m picturing the leftover lasagna in the refrigerator, which I will probably eat when I’m done writing this post. 

Since Mike is a nurse and his schedule is not consistent through the week, our weekends are whenever he has days off.  We actually have a real weekend this week, which I am pretty excited about!  Lunch with one of Mike’s friends and hopefully the buying of wood for our garden boxes are on the list!  It’s supposed to be sunny but still a little chilly this weekend, but hopefully we will be able to get outside and soak some of the rays up!  I’m definitely ready for warm weather and dresses! 

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