Friday, July 26, 2013

Week 31 of Pregnancy

Where the heck are these weeks going?  So crazy!  9 more weeks to go and Mike and I will have a precious little one.

Our Baby:

I have many different apps that tell me how big the baby is getting every week.  These last few weeks, I have gotten many mixed sizes but I will give you my favorite.  The baby is now 18 inches long and 3.5 pounds (about the size of a head of Romaine lettuce).  This little one is now able to turn their head from side to side and do lots and lots of flips inside my uterus.  Fat is still accumulating and will keep accumulating until it is born!

Physical Changes:

I don’t feel like I have gone through many changes this last week.  My belly may have or may have not gotten bigger.  One big change… though it doesn’t have to really deal with me… is that the baby will push against one side and I can actually feel the little one (probably a little butt).  If I push against the spot the baby will move like crazy… Mike keeps telling me to stop because it must be comfortable if it keeps going to the same spot but I can’t help it sometimes… its so amazing to actually (between muscles, skin, and uterus) be able to feel the baby and see my belly move in all different directions!

How I am feeling:

I am feeling pretty good.  Sleep has been a lot better this week (besides waking up 3-4 times to use the restroom).  Breathing is still getting harder and my heart rate shoots up if I go up and down our stairs.  Other than that… all is good!

Odds and Ends:

Mike is turning 27 tomorrow and this will be the last birthday we get to celebrate without having a little on in tow (outside the uterus)!  I’m pretty sure all of our birthdays will bring a much different meaning once we have our little baby to help us celebrate them. 

We are having a mini-vacation in Colorado Springs.  Mike loves the zoo and so we are going to the Cheyenne Mountain zoo for his birthday!  More to come on the festivities this coming week.

Hope everyone has a great last weekend of July!  I know I am very happy to celebrate it with my husband and welcome in August.  

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