Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Week 19 of Pregnancy

Sorry for the delay in an update! It has been a busy few days and I have been exhausted most of those days.  

This week the baby has grown to the size of a Mango; weighing in at approximately 8.5 oz and measuring 6 inches.  Somehow, I think though, this baby is much bigger than the mango I found at the store; it just seems like there has been a huge growth spurt this last week. 

The baby’s senses are now developing at a crazy speed and he/she is now able to hear my voice.  Hair is sprouting and the baby is now able to control facial expressions and movements more consciously including yawns, smiles, and frowns!

How I am feeling

Not too bad.  My hormones have finally caught up with me and I cry almost everyday over nothing really.  I’m also starting to feel the round ligament pain that all the pregnancy websites warn about… it started out not too bad but it ended up making me extremely uncomfortable during the end of the week.  I am extremely tired around 1 or 2, and can’t seem to keep my eyes open for longer than five minutes if I sit down on the couch. 

Physical changes

The only change here is my weight.  I made up for last week and gained 3 pounds this week.  I am now up 8 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight.  It was a big surprise that I gained so much so fast and it left me in tears one day… gotta love those emotions! I do finally feel like I look pregnant though!  I’m feeling more flutters as the days go by but they aren’t constant yet and still feel like little bubbles in my stomach.

What I’ve been craving

I haven’t had any “gotta have it” type cravings like earlier in the pregnancy.  I’m kind of sick of eating every 2 hours so food is kind of mundane to me this week. I actually have to think really hard to find something that sounds good to me, which has been hard.  I did really want French toast at the end of this week and made some on two occasions.

Odds and Ends

During the weekend, we went garage sale-ing and I found some maternity jeans… Not just any maternity jeans, 7 For All Mankind maternity jeans for…. $2.  Crazy good deal and they look brand new.  Of course they are a little to long for me and will only fit my belly for another few weeks but what a find! 

Hoping my energy springs back before our trip to Seattle or I might be falling asleep in some pretty strange places…

Our 20 weeks ultrasound is next Tuesday!  Excited to see the little critter grooving and jiving! 

Happy Tuesday!  

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