Saturday, May 11, 2013

Half Way There - Week 20 of Pregnancy

We have reached the halfway mark!  20ish more weeks and we get to meet our little monkey.  

Our baby is now as big as a small cantaloupe and as long as a banana; weighing in at 9-10 oz and measuring 10 inches from head to their little toes.  This week marks the time when the baby is measured from head to toe rather than head to rump.  

 I can really tell that this little one is on the move during the morning… no more sleeping in for this lady once he/she is born. 

How I am feeling

I think round ligament pain is here to stay for a while.  Other than that, I don’t really have any complaints.  I’m sleeping pretty well, but I’m not sure if it is a good deep sleep ever.  My emotions are still wacky too.

Physical changes

My belly is starting to pop out even more.  Yesterday, I got the first, “When are you due?”  I was a little taken back and speechless for a minute but it felt good to know that I’m not in that awkward phase anymore.  It was actually a pretty funny encounter, she had just found out that she was a getting a nephew and she was on the biggest high and could have talked about it for hours with us.  Babies bring out the best in almost everyone!

Another change occurring, my boobs are again growing… and this time it hurts!

I am up a 1/2 pound since last week, which makes my weight gain at +8.5 pounds.

What I’ve been craving

Stone fruits.  Our grocery store finally got in their “first of the season” summer fruits.  I think I was dancing around once I got home eating the first peach of the year.  I guess I know where our grocery budget will be hit this summer.  I’ve also eaten almost an entire watermelon this week.

Fun Facts
-My wedding ring still fits but I can feel it getting snug late in the day
-I’ve never liked the smell of garlic but I think its about 10x as worse pregnant
-I crave a Ginger Ale at lunchtime everyday
-We have two names picked out (one for a boy and one for a girl)
-Mike loves my pregnant belly and smiles and laughs a little every time he notices it

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