Monday, April 15, 2013

Week 16 of Pregnancy

I am currently 16 weeks pregnant and I actually feel pretty great. 

There are some pretty great pregnancy update apps that we use to tell us how the baby might look and how big the baby is getting.  It is nice to have a tangible object to compare the baby to (at lease size wise). 

This week the baby is currently the size of an avocado!  It is crazy how it went to being the size of a poppy seed to an avocado in a short 16 weeks.  I don’t know if it's the fact that I forget about the foods until I read about them or what but every time the baby grows to another sized fruit or veggies… I crave that food.  I almost ate a whole avocado last night!

Just for comparison...
poppyseed on the left and avocado on the right

We went to the doctor for our 16-week appointment and we were able to hear the heartbeat!  The heart rate was 143, which is nice and healthy.  We decided not to find out the gender of our baby but we like to test out the theories of “old wives’ tales.”  Our doctor said based on the way I was carrying and the heart rate, her guess would be that this baby was a boy!  I also feel like it just might be a boy but we will see in 5 short months!  I still find it surreal that Mike and I will be parents in that short amount of time. 

Yesterday was the first day that I started to feel huge.  I tried bending over and I definitely won’t be doing that for another 5ish months.  Apparently, boobs are supposed to start getting large in the first trimester but mine started growing just a few weeks ago…but I think they have doubled or tripled in size since then.  I have gained 4.5 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight (which is currently on track) and my goal is to gain between 25-30 pounds through the entire pregnancy. 

The baby is definitely starting to make an appearance.  What do you think?

I have been wanting to nest badly.  At first, I just wanted to get our house ready for a baby… painting, some minor kitchen and bathroom updates etc.  But now I really want to plan out the nursery.  Sadly, my family has a custom of not buying or setting anything up for the baby until he/she is born.  Which means no baby shower either.  I have, however, been picking many things out and putting them on a registry for my parents to get during my hospital stay.  Stroller and carseat are selected, the crib and bassinet are chosen (along with theme ideas for a boy or girl), and nursing chair is being ordered this coming week. 

Hopefully, I will start feeling this little baby kick soon.  At our 12-week ultrasound, he/she was VERY active. 

We get to go out to dinner tonight to tell some of our closest friends that we are expecting.  We got married the same day last year so it’ll be interesting if they have any news tonight, too.  Who knows!  I love telling people and watching their reactions!

I feel like these past few weeks have flown by and I am ok with that!

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