Thursday, April 11, 2013

About Me

Hi everyone!  I would first like to introduce myself.  My name is Katie Robertson, I just recently got married in May 2012, had a honeymoon in December 2012, and found out I was pregnant in January 2013.  My life has been pretty much a whirlwind the last 3 years since I met my now husband.  (Actually we met in middle school and went through high school together but didn't actually start talking until we had a common course in college).  It is crazy how things work out and I have become a firm believer in fate, destiny, or whatever everyone else calls it. 

I guess you can say I dabbled in many things and have always been a kindergartner at heart, wanting to do many things but never settling on one.  Wanting to become a ballerina, volleyball star, anthropologist, doctor to a physician assistant to a nurse, eventually to a nanny and now soon to be a stay at home mom with a hope to start a blog! 

My hope is to contribute to as many lives as I can.  Trying to make them easier or just talking about how life turns out (for better or worse).  I can most definitely tell everyone here that I had no clue this is how my life was going to turn out.  Don't get me wrong, I am probably happier now than I have ever been but it has not been easy.  And, like most of you, my life is just starting.

Daily Life for the most of us isn’t extremely interesting but Daily Life is how our lives are defined. 

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