Monday, April 22, 2013

7 Simple Ways to Celebrate Earth Day!

Today is Earth day!  If it weren’t snowing we would probably be building our garden boxes.  But instead we are going to have a meatless Earth day Monday. 

Here are 7 simple ways you could celebrate Earth Day today:

1) Plant something.  Plant a tree, plant some flowers, or start a small balcony garden.

You could even reap the benefits by growing your own food.
Those peaches were grown from our baby peach tree and were the
best peaches I have ever had!

2) Go Meatless today.  This Earth day falls on a Monday.  Monday has been coined “Meatless Monday” by many health and environmental activists.  Or Make a pledge here to go meatless every Monday.

3) If you live in a place with nicer weather, don’t use your car.  Bike, walk, or use public transit today.  

Plus you get some exercise!

4) Go for a hike and celebrate with nature today!

5) Start Recycling.  Most trash companies offer recycling services at low or no cost.  

6) Go to a local farmer's market and support your state by buying locally.  Support your environment by buying organic when possible.

7) Use your reusable bags when grocery shopping!

You don’t have to go extravagant to make a change in the world.  Remember, many small changes can make a huge change!  And don't just make Earth Day your only day to make a difference, make a pledge to keep it going year round!

Happy Earth Day!


  1. Love these ideas. (Hi, I found you on the Google+ Blog group). I'm a teacher and I had students bring in some of the bottled water bottles instead of throwing them away and we made flowers to decorate our classroom with for Spring!

    1. Thanks, for commenting! I think it's so important to get kids of all ages involved in the environment! After all, we are leaving this earth to them