Friday, April 12, 2013

How Our Life Changed Forever

Mike and I went on our honeymoon the day after Christmas to Saint Lucia.   It was a delayed honeymoon because he was finishing up nursing school and it just worked out better for us.  (It is actually nice to take a later honeymoon… it prolongs the “honeymoon” phase).  

One of my favorites from our honeymoon
Anyways, we always knew we wanted children (the number has gone up and down in the past few years), and we had agreed to wait until after the honeymoon and after Mike found a nursing job to start trying.

When we came home in early January, I kept feeling weird (nauseous, tired, emotional, and I could not stop eating) but I knew it was way too early on to feel pregnant so I thought it was my head playing tricks on me or I had some kind of travel bug… and so did Mike.  But looking back, I just knew. I figured that even if I wasn’t pregnant, we would start trying in February so I bought a bunch of pregnancy strips from Amazon and told myself to take one when they came in the mail.  I waited for Mike to have a day off of work and woke up extremely early and took the test.  Mind you I hadn’t missed my period yet so it was all guesswork but there was a very faint pink line on the strip.  I woke Mike up and told him but it almost seemed like he didn’t believe it… 

We came up with the idea to get a better-known pregnancy test and take it the next morning.  That one was definitely positive and it finally sunk in that we were PREGNANT! 

The one that changed everything
I couldn’t wait to tell our immediate families.  We came up with the idea of having my family over to show them a slideshow of our honeymoon pictures and at the end have a video showing Mike and I saying that we brought home one more souvenir for everyone and it cuts to the positive pregnancy test. 

Here is the video of my family finding out… it is so great! We told Mike’s immediate family the next day and even though they had a more laid-back reaction, they are very excited. 

We told the remainder of our family after 12 weeks passed.  We are still waiting to tell some of our closest friends but I’m sure as soon as they see me they will know.  

Stay tuned for more updates!