Thursday, April 25, 2013

Getting "Ready" for Baby

This nesting phase is really starting to make an appearance!  I spent all of this afternoon cleaning and weeding our front yard and boy does my arm hurt and I am exhausted!

Another one of my natural enemies! 

I don’t really know why the base boards and walls need to be cleaned but its something that is on my to-do list along with many, many more things.  I’ve also been adding lots of things to Mike’s “honey-do list.”  He’s been doing almost everything that I’ve wanted… he’s doing so great and I can’t wait to see him as a father.  I’m also getting excited about moving our office into another room, we just have to paint it before getting our desk in there (also on a list I have for him… poor guy!)

I’m also trying to get our doggies ready for a new addition to the family.  Chloe, seems to really love babies but not so much kids.  Gracie, just wants to play but she doesn’t know how to play gentle yet.  They are both cuddle bugs and are starting to get really close to me.  Gracie keeps cuddling up to my belly and I think she can tell there is something different about me. Chloe has always been close to me, she was with me before Mike and I started dating and it took her awhile to warm up to him.  That’s until he brought her Milkbones every. Time. He. Saw. her.  I had to tell him to stop because she was gaining way too much weight!  We got Gracie two days after we got married and she was quite the project.  But eventually we all transitioned to becoming a family of four.  We love them so much and my only hope is that they don’t feel overthrown by the baby.   Chloe has been through a lot of changes so I hope to make the transition easy especially for her. 

Lots of hesitation in those eyes!

She explains herself!

Loving their walks!  They actually do pretty well
with a stroller... Yes, I have tested that already

Besides cleaning and reordering the house, our days are quite quiet right now and I can’t help but think about how they might be in less than 5 months.   I’m enjoying the down time and trying to get Mike to enjoy the quietness too.     

In other news, Mike and I just booked our One Year Wedding Anniversary weekend getaway!  We are going to Seattle and I am so excited about it!  It is so hard to believe that we have been married for almost a whole year ago… It definitely doesn’t seem that long. I’ve wanted to visit Seattle for quite some time (Actually, I think it started when “Grey’s Anatomy” first aired… I know, I know).  Seattle looks like such an amazing place and I can’t wait to explore!  So, if anyone has any suggestions on where we should go, let me know!  We won’t have a car and will only be there for 3 days but I’m hoping to see a bunch around the city.

Trying to get the our house ready for the baby is exhausting and I’ll be more than ready for a break in month’s time.  I’m 18 weeks tomorrow so keep you eye out for tomorrow’s weekly update!

Happy Thursday, Everyone!


  1. Hey KK ...well we simply enjoyed Seattle and didn't mind the rain. You know we had to go for all the Twilight stuff...yes I'm a Twi-Hard and not afraid to admit it. Can't really remember the hotel we stayed in but we could see the Stratosphere from our balcony. Of coarse you have to visit Starbucks and the Pike Place Market to see the fish mongers. They have some really good mini donuts....grease seeping out of the good! Like the ones at Pier 39. Take the Bainbridge ferry to a little island called Winslow they have cute little shops and places to eat. A really great fish and chips place we went to in Seattle is called Ivers restaurant... not the seafood bar not the same...of coarse Aubrey was in heaven. The sour dough bread was also good. Have safe and soak it all in. One of our favorite cities! Love Sara, Loree and Aubrey

  2. Maybe, if we like it as much as you guys did, we will all move there one day... hehe! I can't wait to eat there all day long plus go to all the farmer's markets. We'll have to check out Winslow, too! Love you guys and thanks for reading my blog!

  3. Lol.... when we were there we looked at one another and said, "we wouldn't mind living here. We actually really liked the rain.

  4. Hey....Gracie is sooo cute....I love her little personality!