Friday, July 5, 2013

Week 28 of Pregnancy

I feel like I haven’t written anything for quite sometime!  It has been pretty busy around here and with the newly formed (again) nausea and tiredness…I haven’t been very motivated.

But look at the time flying!  I am finally in my 3rd trimester and I couldn’t be happier or more anxious!  We are in week 28 and even though I didn’t post anything about week 27… I am hoping my readers do not mind. 

Our Baby

This little one has grown so much in the last two weeks!  Our jelly belly weighs in at just over 2 ¼ pounds and is about 15” long!  He/she is now able to blink their eyes and also has eyelashes to bat at us!  Some studies have found that babies at this stage can distinguish its parents’ voices. 

Sometimes when the baby thrashes around it takes me by surprise and makes me jump a little.  There is a definite difference between the last 2 weeks concerning movement.  I now can feel it almost all the time and Mike will usually be able to feel a movement or two once he touches my belly.  

How I am feeling

I feel almost like I did in the first trimester but now I have this big belly to lug around.  Nausea has come back on an almost daily basis and I get so exhausted so quickly.  I also haven’t been sleeping very well and I know that when I have a bad night’s sleep, I’ll usually have a hormonal day along with nausea. 

My emotions have been all over the place from being ecstatic one day to a nervous wreck the next.  One thing is for certain, I am very excited to meet our little one.  I am also very excited for pregnancy to be over with in the next 12 or so weeks.  I am not one of those people who enjoy pregnancy but at the same time I find it so amazing that my body is growing another human.  

I am not having many cravings.  Just a few Cheetos here and there.  I am becoming more and more picky especially with some stomach problems I have been experiencing.

Physical Changes:

I have become much more winded doing small activities like climbing the stairs and watering the garden.  I also have started walking much slower and eating slower (anyone who knows me knows how fast I can usually eat, so this is a big difference for me and for the people around me). 

My wedding ring has just started to become snug even when I put it on in the morning...

I gained one pound each week so I am up 2 pounds from my last update.  My total pregnancy weight gain is +19 pounds.

Odds and Ends

Mike and I have had 2 childbirth classes so far and are going to tour the hospital in the coming weeks.

We also started our baby registry, which was really fun.   I am excited to get everything here after the baby is born!

Our last 4th of July with just the two of us was really fun.  We went to a BBQ and then went to the park to watch fireworks.  Mike took me to his favorite viewing spot and they were spectacular and very close…we had ash falling on us. 

I have started to dread these weekly photos because I feel like I look so frumpy and tired!

Can't see my feet anymore!

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