Monday, June 24, 2013

Week 26 of Pregnancy

Our Baby:

Our little one is now as long as an English cucumber and weighs in around 1 2/3 lb.  It is starting to open his/her eyes and is starting to sense light (when a flashlight is shown on my belly… it wiggles a little)!  Hair and eye color are starting to become distinguished and it is also starting to plump!  The baby is growing by leaps and bounds and will start to gain ½ lb every week soon.

How I am feeling:

I am feeling pretty good, though I am really tired and I can’t sleep too well.  I’m also starting to get very nervous and anxious…however, I can’t pinpoint what it is.  I feel a little overwhelmed with what has to be done to the house before we get a little one here.  Our bathtub needs to be changed out, we are building a closet in our bedroom, the carpets and couch need to be professionally cleaned, the nursery needs to be painted, I still have to pick out everything for the nursery, our office needs to be moved, and the house needs a deep cleaning.  Every Friday that passes by, I start panicking a little more.  Plus, with not being able to set up the nursery, I feel so unprepared.  Just lots to do!

Physical Changes:

No real changes here except for my weight and my bigger belly.  I am up 1.3 lbs from last week, making my total weight gain +17 lbs.  My belly button is starting to become shallower and shallower.  A lot of aches and pains in my hip and leg regions are starting.  Swimming helps a bunch with relieving those plus it is a pretty easy exercise for me to do…because walking sometimes becomes cumbersome. 

What I am craving:

My diet has pretty much leveled out now and I don’t necessarily have many cravings.  I’ll sometimes crave Cheetos but that is about it.  My cranberry kick has died down a bit but it still tastes very good!

Odds and Ends:

This baby’s Aunt’s birthday is today!  Happy Birthday to the best sister in the world!

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