Monday, June 10, 2013

Garden Update No. 1

Last week, we finally got to plant our veggies!  

We are a wee bit late but better late than never.  Here is a list of what we planted:

~Black Krim Tomatoes
~Cherry Tomatoes
~Early Treat Tomatoes
~Ceasar’s Lettuce blend
~Baby Red Lettuce blend
~Poblano peppers
~Anaheim peppers
~Serrano peppers
~Bell Peppers
~Habanero peppers
~Summer Squash

Wow!  I didn’t realize how much we actually planted until I wrote it down!  Our raspberries are coming in nicely and I am starting to think that we need to plant a different strawberry plant next year, as we only have a few plants with fruit (but squirrels or rabbits always eat them before I get to them anyways). 

No sprouts from the seeds yet but I’m hoping to see some in the next 4-5 days.  Our seedlings are acclimating well. 

I wish we had put in a watering system but maybe that will be next year’s project for the garden. 

Our peonies have popped and instead of having them fall to the ground outside, I cut a few stems and made an arrangement for our kitchen! 

I also noticed this amazing rainbow while I was trying to get some pictures of the newly planted veggies.  The pictures really do not do this rainbow justice; I'm pretty sure this was the most amazing one I have ever seen.  It was almost turning into a quadruple rainbow.

We have ONE whole peach growing on our peach tree!  I’m actually pretty surprised we have the one due to that May 1st snow storm.  I was noticing a lot of ants crawling around that tree about 2 weeks ago but when we got home from our trip, I found all these little ladybugs instead… and no more ants!

I love being outside but with the temps soaring so early this year, I'm not quite sure how much I will be able to soak up the sun.  At least there are early mornings and late nights that I can appreciate!

Happy Gardening!

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