Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Week 30 of Pregnancy

TEN more weeks to go!  This number is very welcomed in our book!  It seems so far along 3-0 weeks!

Our Baby:

This week isn’t too exciting with new growth.  Our baby is about 3 pounds and still the same length as last week (~17 inches).  The only big difference (which is quite a big difference) is that our baby’s brain is beginning to form folds for more surface area.  The baby is kicking and doing back flips like no one’s business but I can tell when I need to take it a lot slower because the baby will starts to slow down a little… that is my sign to just lay down and catch up on some rest.. 

How I am feeling:

I was feeling pretty dang good during the first part of this week but then one day I had a really horrible stomach ache and I felt extremely lousy.  I finally put two and two together and discovered that I am becoming either lactose intolerant or sensitive.  Surprisingly, this is quite common during pregnancy.  Your body is so focused on growing a baby and supplying all the hormones that the pregnancy needs that it stops wanting to do some things… like digest lactose.   I don’t know about you, but I have never heard of a pregnant woman not being able to eat ice cream by the pint or gallon-full.  Luckily, Mike ran out and got me some coconut milk “ice cream” which eased my craving. 

Water works can be turned on in seconds flat… that is all I will say about that. 

Physical changes:

I’m noticing that my feet are getting a lot more swollen through the day.  My hips have started to put the hormone, relaxin, to use and they have been quite sore from spreading.  I look at my profile and I hardly recognize the body that I have now.  I’m starting to embrace my growing belly more and more… especially when I see it move and jive during the day but my hips, butt, and thighs are a whole different story… they can go bye-bye!

Braxton Hicks’ contractions have started and they keep me on my toes.  Sometimes they hurt and sometimes they are just really uncomfortable. 

What I am eating:

I didn’t write about this last week but these were cravings from then.  I had a huge craving for powdered donuts.  Mike and I polished off a box of them in a day (It was my reward for passing my glucose test!).  I also had a sample of Malt Vinegar and sea salt chips from Costco… I couldn’t stop thinking about them so we got a bag.  I skillfully polished those off in two days flat.  Carbs are my best friend and I only eat chicken and fish because I have to. 

Odds and Ends:

We finished our childbirth class.  I was probably the worst student in there.  Mike tried to make me participate in “practice” exercises but I just do not believe that practicing on how I should breath will make a difference come labor.  I’ve never been a fan of synchronized breathing and I don’t think I will even think about it when I’m doubled over in pain with a contraction. I did discover that I liked the rebozo (a labor tool which is really just a large scarf or pashmina used to take pressure off of your back) and the birthing ball.  We also learned some labor positions that will hopefully help.  So, I guess it wasn't all a waste.

Mike has been great and he knows exactly what I want during the birth process.  There was an exercise in class where we were given 15 or so cards with two outcomes and he chose all the right outcomes really quickly.  I was looking around the room and most of the other guys looked clueless and I saw the women just grab the cards from them and place them how they wanted them.  I think he will do great come D-day!

Here’s to 30 weeks with 10 or so more to go! 


  1. Congratulations! You're 75% of the way there! I'm 33 weeks and haven't had problems with lactose... I pretty much only want to eat cheese and milkshakes. Maybe that's because El Bebe's bones are solidifying? My biggest challenge is to ignore how much my rib cage has moved throughout pregnancy. Because it freaks me out.

    1. Congrats to you, also! 7 more weeks! Yeah, I'm pretty frustrated that I can't eat milk, cheese, and yogurt