Monday, July 15, 2013

Week 29 of Pregnancy

As I am going through the week, it seems like it is going quite slow but then I look back and yet another week has passed.  This week has been pretty uneventful… no real news to report!

Our Baby:

This little one is now the size of a butternut squash and weighing in around 3 pounds, already!  He/she is around 17 inches tall, which is almost as tall it will be when it is born!  And I can sure feel it!  The eyes are open now and it is able to distinguish between light and dark but not night and day… as I can feel it squirming every time I wake up in the middle of the night… usually bouncing on my bladder.

Our baby is putting on weight like crazy…mostly fat, which is why it is moving all over the place now (it has lots of energy from that newly formed fat!)

How I am feeling:

I’m still getting emotional almost everyday… I cried this morning because the lady at Century Link wasn’t very nice to me on the phone.  I feel huge and I am definitely not used to feeling that way… which puts more emotional pressure on me.  I’m also getting a little antsy about labor and delivery and how it is going to go about. 

Physical changes:
As I said before, I feel huge and I still have 10.5 weeks to go!  The heat and humidity is really getting to me so I feel tired really quickly if I am outside for too long.  My belly button is slowly on its decent outward… which I am actually looking forward to (I think it will be fun to have an outy for a little while).  My wedding ring is getting tighter by the day and my legs are larger at night than in the morning. 

I think after this week, I might stop weighing myself weekly… especially since I am at the doctor’s office every 2 weeks.  But this week I gained 1.6 pounds… so I am up 20.6 pounds pre-pregnancy.  My doc says I am gaining weight perfectly!

Odds and Ends:

We have scheduled a couple of appointments with pediatricians for a meet and greet.  I’m sure both of us are going to be quiet as we always are and the appointments will go fast. 

Our renovation list will be in full swing next week with the new bath tub going in.  And then tiling will be the next big project for Mike.  I think we are both looking forward to a new and clean area!

We bought our paint for the nursery and our bedroom, which will probably be painted in the next month or so. 

It seems so close yet so far away.  Weekly counting sounds a lot quicker than saying we still have 2 ½ months or all of the summer heat left.   We can’t wait for all of the waiting to be over!

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