Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Garden Update #2

Well there should have been at least another update before this one but I’ll just have to deal with it.

Our plants took off but only after replanting after a Mother’s Day snow storm.  We replanted about after the snow storm and to our demise we got quarter sized hail which gave us some chopped salad and some tomato branches.  To our surprise, everything pulled through and is going strong!

After the Mother's Day storm... waa waa

After the second planting hail storm
Last year, we got lucky if we grew a semi-sweet tomato… this year is a WOW year!  I’m so surprised at what a little peat moss and a small bag of compost will do!  

About 2 weeks ago

Today... Notice the height of the lettuces and the start of the 2nd crop of Arugula.
My new favorite thing this year… Lettuce!  Arugula especially. I planted a second crop a week ago and it is just starting to emerge. 

This is the first year that we had a great crop of all types of lettuce and kale.  Salads and smoothies galore!

One harvest of kale

We have not harvested anything from the pepper or tomato plants yet but they are producing and growing a lot.  Poblanos, anaheims, and Fresno peppers are producing so many peppers and I can’t wait to pick and make some delicious meals with them!

I cannot wait to make tomatillo salsa!  Who knew a tomatillo plant got so huge so quickly!

We have about 10 peaches that survived and hopefully they are as amazing as the first year we planted the tree.  

Our raspberries are going strong per usual!  I’m thinking we should put a sign out front for “pick-your-own” raspberries and charge about $5 for a pound!  But I think we will keep them to ourselves! I can’t wait for Elise to taste a fresh raspberry!

We all get so excited (Elise and the pups included) to go outside in the morning and look at what our garden did in one day! 

Now all we need is a baby goat!


Happy Gardening!

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