Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Elise is 9 eh.. 9.5 Months Old

WOW!  I am late with this update!


You are now just over 9 ½ months old going on 3! Your personality is BIG!  You know what you want and you won’t stop until you get it.

This month you got your two bottom teeth and you are working on your top left one.  You love showing them off, too!  You even realized that I have a full set of them and giggle when you touch them.  Hopefully, the teeth explain your sleep…

One reason why this update is so late is because you have been keeping mommy up a lot at night.  Your naps are also suffering.  So, whenever I have a moment to myself, I am either working on a project or catching up on sleep.  There are nights that you wake once, you eat and you go right back to sleep.  Others include up to 6 wakings with little that will console you.  Last night was a rough night but we did have a big day and you ate something new.  Beside last night, I THINK it is slowly getting better. 

On another front, you are not quite crawling… but oh soooo close!  You are rolling everywhere though and there are times I put you in a spot walk away and return a few minutes later and you aren’t there anymore!  Granted, you are only 5 or 6 feet away from where I left you but it still makes my heart drop a bit.  You’re really good at doing the yoga position “pigeon”.  For the third month in a row… I am guessing you will be crawling by Daddy’s birthday. 

Pigeon pose
You love, love, love to eat!  Some of your favorites include: Blueberries, peas, mushrooms, pasta, green smoothies, and your #1 favorite is Chicken Marsala.  You love flavor and veggies.  My dream come true!  Hopefully it lasts into toddlerhood. 

Speaking of toddlerhood, I can see that phase creeping up on us.  You have the biggest personality.  You do this face when you want something (squinting eyes, smiling really big, and waving your arms everywhere)… this happens especially with food or a toy that you love.  You are also starting to throw little tantrums…

You tell that bird!


You have started forming relationships with some of your favorite toys.  Your bathtoys are some of your favorite things to “talk” to about how your day went.  You giggle, wave your arms about, and your eyes light up when I bring them out during your bath.  You also talk to a counting giraffe and kiss all of your stuffed animals.  

You have started giving kisses, clapping, waving, and (what I believe is one of your first words) saying “mama” (but only when you’re crying) and “dada”. 

This last month you have become your own little person!  You have your own wants and preferences.  You are definitely doing better with strangers especially if they are women.  You also love other kids!

Your first "selfie"
I cannot believe you are only 2.5 months away from your 1st birthday!  You and I are going to have to start planning the big event, very soon!

I love you, goose!  Thank you for making me your mommy!

First 4th of July... you just wanted to eat watermelon
You are my angel, my darling, my star!


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