Monday, July 14, 2014

9 Baby Essentials

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Now that Elise is coming up on a year, I feel like I have somewhat of a grasp on what we used almost everyday in her infant days.  These are in no way “necessities” but they made and still make babyhood a whole lot easier on us.  So here is my list of 9 things that are great for the first year of life!

1.  Johnny Jump:  When Elise was a newborn, I would have to bounce her on a yoga ball to calm her down and put her down for naps (nothing else worked).  I knew when she was old enough she would love jumping and bouncing.  And I was right!  I absolutely loved this thing and so did Elise.  This allowed me to cook dinner, clean up the house, and have a few moments to rest my arms. 

2.  4Moms Baby Bathtub:  This tub makes bathing a baby a breeze!  The temp indicator is a great feature because our faucet likes to change temperatures on us.  She still takes baths in this and will continue until she no longer fits in it.

3.  OXO Tot Sprout chair: I love the look of this chair and it goes with our house d├ęcor.  The other great feature of this is the one-handed tray release.  It is nice and sturdy and wipes up very easily!

4.  Ergo Carrier: The Ergo made shopping a breeze.  At first, I was a little hesitant because it was so darn bulky but as soon as I learned how to put it on, I never left the house without it.  We even had some dog walks with this… I’m sure Chloe and Gracie even apprecialted this carrier.  In fact, when I put it on the dogs still get excited like we are going for a walk.  Lately, I have been putting her on my back and doing yard work and vacuuming (Elise hates, hates the vacuum if no one is holding her.)

5.  California Baby Bath and Lotion:  About a year before Elise was conceived, Mike and I got rid of all parabens, sulfates, dyes, phalates, and animal tested products.  I actually did a lot of research and testing of baby washes and lotions while I was pregnant.  This one wins hands down!  It’s gunk-free and has a perfect baby lavender scent to it. 

6.  Dohm Sound Machine: Hands down, the best sound machine out there.  Mike and I got this before Elise was born and we can’t sleep without it.  As soon as she was born, we invested in another one. 

7.  Little Castle Glider: My mom ordered this for me while I was pregnant.  It was a great gift!  It is a bit pricey but it is so comfy!  And a comfy chair is a necessity when learning how to nurse an infant.  This also will be a good addition to living room furniture once the breastfeeding part of my life is complete.

8.  Hape Galloping Zebras Baby Walker: We just got this walker for Elise and she loves it!  Shes is still a little bit unsturdy and needs one of us behind her but it definetly will help her learn how to walk a lot quicker! I am also a fan of wooden toys.  I read that toys that are not interactive develops a baby’s imagination much quicker and better than interactive and loud toys. Plus, the zebras are just so darn cute!

9.  Summer Video Baby Monitor: Even though Elise does not sleep in her room at night, this is still awesome for her naps.  I love being able to see her and knowing she is ok so I can go about my day.

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