Sunday, December 29, 2013

Elise's First Christmas

By far, this has been the best Christmas for me.  I was able to get that childhood spark back by seeing Christmas through my child’s eyes.  Of course, this Christmas was more for Mike and I.  Elise didn’t really care about the presents she got; she did, however, enjoy her family and stayed up for a good portion of the day. 

We all spoiled her but Santa took the cake!  He must really love her and she was an exceptionally good girl this year!  She now has a better wardrobe than me and enough toys to fill a toy store.  I am really hoping she starts enjoying toys in the next few weeks.  Right now, she could care less and her main entertainment is staring at Mike, her pups, and me (and she also loves to eat). 

The day started off with Mike and I impatiently waiting for Elise to wake up.  

As soon as I heard her start to wake up and told Mike and we both ran to the room and told her Merry Christmas and that Santa had came!  I fed her and then we took her out to see all the presents that he brought her.   It was so much fun.  She really liked her kick piano mat and laid there kicking like crazy while Mike and I opened our presents.

Then my family came over for Christmas breakfast.  Elise was the main attraction with her little elf outfit (Grandma Baba got her every single Christmas outfit she found). 

We then opened presents, which took a good 2-3 hours.  Always fun!

After everyone left, my mom cooked and Mike and I cleaned up all the presents.  Elise now has a basement full of toys that are a little too advanced for her right now and a drawer full of toys that I try to get her interested in.

For dinner, Mike’s family came over.  I am really hoping she loves her door jumper that her nana and papa got her… here is a test run (of course she is still too little). 

Elise passed out after everyone left and woke up once more to eat before Christmas was over.  It was a whirlwind kind of day but one of the best kinds.  Christmas’ are just going to keep getting better from here!


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