Friday, December 20, 2013

Elise is 3 Months Old

Elise is 3 months old!

Dear Elise,

Where to start?  These months keep flying by so fast and you are growing and learning so much every single day.  You smile every minute you are awake, even if you are crying you manage to get a smile in there somewhere.  You have really started to “talk” and I love having our mini conversations with you everyday.  Your favorite question is, “what did you dream about last night?”

I feel like you made a huge stride the last 2-3 weeks.  You are sleeping better (both naps and at night), eating well, and happy as can be!  You love your family and you have one of the biggest hearts!  You smile uncontrollably when your puppies come around you…especially when they are playing!  I can tell you three are going to be great friends one day (especially when you will be able to feed them from your high chair!).  Gracie is already starting to paw at you to play and you just smile and giggle. 

You absolutely adore "airplane"

...and storytime

...and these characters
We haven’t had the pleasure of hearing your laugh yet and I am hoping to hear a Christmas laugh! (hint hint, Elise!) But you giggle and coo all the time and I love every single moment of it!

You had your first Thanksgiving this month.  Everyone was so happy to welcome you into the family! 

Another big turn is that you really like going places now.  Before, I was always so tense because you only could stand about an hour out.  You went Christmas shopping three times (one time for 7 hours with the family) and you did great.  You love looking around, smelling different smells, but hate loud music for very long.  I was so extremely proud of you and now I don’t mind taking you places… in fact we both really enjoy it.  

You have also discovered your hands and you are so happy about it!  You are also starting to look at your feet with curiosity.

Your pups have become accustomed to knowing that they are going for a walk when I bring out the carrier… and I am glad we all can get some exercise and fresh air all at once!

You also got to meet the jolly old man for the first time this month!  You weren’t very sure of the whole experience though.  He said you wanted a pogo stick, but I think we will settle for a jumperoo instead!

We also got our Christmas tree and waited for you to wake up so we could all decorate it together.  You really liked looking at the Angel and were happy to be held while I hung the ornaments. 

I am so giddy to spend Christmas with you!  I am so excited for Santa and presents and spending time with our family.  You make me feel like a little kid again and have made me feel the magic of Christmas once more. 

I cannot explain to you how much I love you.  Our little family has made me happier than I ever thought possible and I am so thankful for you, my little girl!  Love, Mama

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