Monday, December 2, 2013

One Month Old!

Elise is actually 10 weeks old and a few days today.  I did write these at the appropriate time but did not have a chance to post them.

Elise is 1 Month old

Dear Elise,

This month has gone so fast!  You're starting to develop your little personality already.  You are developing your beautiful smile and some mornings I get lots of them directed my way. 

On your way home from the hospital

The first couple of weeks were rough for both you and I.  We both struggled with breastfeeding and I had to deal with the healing process of the c-section but we made it through.  Daddy was a huge help and we are lucky that he got to spend a month with us.  And by the way, you have turned into a little chunker. Everyday I think your cheeks just can’t get bigger or your chins can't double again…but everyday I find a new fold and those cheeks get plumper and plumper.  Since you were born, you have gained 2 whole pounds and I think you might be inching up on 3 pounds this week.  You love to eat and are eating every 2-3 hours day and night!  I’m exhausted most of the time but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I love having our midnight cuddles. 

This is one of my favorite pictures of you!

Have to add this one... you aren't always an angel
and that shirt sure isn't making you happy!

You look so much older than you actually were here.

You have so much hair that I have to
blow dry it... and then it looks like this!  You have daddy's hair!
You hate being left alone… and by alone I mean not in our arms.  We are making some progress in the napping arena but some days I’m the one who wants the cuddles and I put us back a few steps.  You have started to sleep more predictably at night but it still isn’t figured out too well. 

Your favorite spot!

Getting so big and so curious!

Your grandparents and aunts are in love with you!  If they could steal you away from us, I’m sure they would.  Yesterday and today were actually the first days that you and I spent together all alone… they are going pretty well with a few crying fits thrown in there.  Our first all girl walk (you, Chloe, Gracie, and I) was yesterday and it went extremely well.  We all enjoyed the warm but crisp fall air.  Chloe is your biggest fan and kisses you whenever she can… Gracie is the typical “middle child” and doesn’t seem to be bothered by you too much. 

Almost a smile
Sometimes I will just stare at you and can’t believe you are mine.  We love you so much!

Your posing chair!

I love you baby girl!

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