Monday, January 20, 2014

Elise is 4 months old!

Dear Elise,

I cannot believe you are 4 months old!  I will probably say this for the rest of my life, but where is the time going?  We sure are having fun though!  We have the cutest conversations and best snuggles at night.

You are the most beautiful baby!  Those eyes could melt an iceberg!  Get used to people telling you that you have amazing eyes... because you are going to hear it for the rest of your life!
This month was full of firsts for you!  First Christmas, New Years, laugh, and sleeping through the night. 

New Years Eve!  You enjoyed the sitar player at Little India!
Your laugh is magical! We were delighted to hear it on New Years day while I was reading you a story.  So far, that was your one and only true belly laugh but you do throw in some squeals of delight and some giggles here and there (you’re a tough audience).  You are babbling like no other and just like your mama, you love to complain!

Your sleep can be all over the place, one night you might sleep from 9-5 and the next be up every 3 hours.  I sure do savor those good nights.

I believe you are in the midst of teething.  You are turning on your drooling machine full blast and you chew on everything that comes into contact with your mouth.  You are able to grab hold of a toy, my finger, or my hair and guide them straight to your mouth (We always knew you were smart).   Just the other day, you started chewing on my chin and my nose whenever I hold you close to my face. 

I don't mind the drool one bit!
A coffe connoisseur just like your Aunt Sara and Loree 

Your first Cowboy boots from your Grandma Baba
Speaking of teeth, not that we had any doubt that you would need braces, but you found your thumb!  I am pretty happy that you found it though, I am not a huge fan of those pacifiers (Gracie sure is though). 

We think you will be able to start cereal soon.  You are always watching us eat and have grabbed something from my hand and put it in your mouth (raisin bread and graham cracker).  You are still a bit confused by your highchair though!

Things you love:

story time
bath time
diaper changes
walking your pups
the camera
your pups

Things you hate:

your carseat
not being held when you want to be held
not being the center of attention
having mama be some place you are not
tummy time

I love you more than you ever will know!   Happy 4 months, Lisee Pie!

P.S. Chloe also had a birthday on your 4 month anniversary!  She is 7 years old!  It is really quite hard to believe.  She has been there by my side every step of the way!   We love you Cocos.

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