Thursday, February 20, 2014

5 Months Old!

To my sweet baby girl,

You are 5 months old!  You are my little buddy and we do almost everything together.  I love this stage so much. 

One day, you decided that laughing was the best thing ever and some days all I have to do is look at you with a funny face and you crack up!  It is so much fun.  The things that make you happiest are your pups.  You love watching them wrestle and play together.  You especially love pulling on Gracie’s hair but you are so gentle with Chloe (I think you know their personalities already). 

Reaching out for Chloe
You love being held by your daddy or me.  You are also letting others hold you as long as I am beside you. You still are not rolling over (probably because you like being held so much) but you are able to sit up for about 5-10 seconds unassisted. 

You are growing so fast and becoming your own little person.  It is hard to believe that you have changed so much in these 5 months and I cannot believe that you’ll be ½ year soon.  I cherish every single second with you because they are going so fast.  I never wish away moments because I’ll never get them back. 

You wake up every morning with the biggest smile on your face.  You are just so eager to start your day.  And thanks to you, I am now a morning person… it is your happiest time.  I love waking up next to you every morning and I think you love waking up next to me, too!

We tried solids the last couple of days but I don’t think you are quite ready.  You were extra clingy and a bit of a crank…. I think we might forgo the cereal and start you on veggies next month, but we will see.  You seem really interested in food but your tummy might not be ready for it. 

You are quite the talker… and complainer… and yeller… and singer.  You like to talk (you get that from dad). You love singing in the bath (you also get that from your dad). If something is not going your way you will complain… and if it isn’t fixed you start to yell (you get this from my side).  I love everything about you.

You love breastfeeding… and I love it too.  At night you will nurse then snuggle into my arm and fall asleep… this is my favorite part of our day together.  It is my little slice of heaven. 

We do things our way and it is working for us.  We are a team; I listen to you and you hear me.  Every decision I make revolves around you.  I’ve learned not to force anything upon you… you have your own mind and you tell me what works for you. 

Valentine's Day!
The love I have for you is something that I will never be able to explain to you.  One thing I have learned is that you never know just how much your parents love you until you become a parent yourself.  Every day I love you more and more…and I know it will just keep growing. 

I believe all moms and babies have this special connection that as long as you nourish and love it, it’ll last forever.  I know, because your grandma and I still have it.  My bond with you is forever… never forget that. 

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