Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Elise’s Baptism

I’ll admit that before Elise was born, I wasn’t at all religious.  I believed more in science and concrete evidence.  But now that I have this perfect baby girl with the best little personality that came from happiness and love… I can’t help but think there must be something more. 

I was brought up Catholic and it was my parents’ request that we get Elise Baptized, we, of course, agreed.  As the time drew near, I was more and more excited about it.  I do not want to raise Elise to think that there is nothing else out there and that there is only this life and then it is over.  I want her to have faith and hope.  I want her to know right from wrong.  And above all, I want her to believe in something.  She can believe in whatever she wants to, but I want to give her the tools to choose the right path in her life. 

We chose, in our eyes, the perfect Godparents for our little girl.  Two people that we look up to immensely (both as parents and as husband and wife) and who will help us teach Elise so that she can choose her own path once the time comes.  Godparents who will love her always, no matter what she chooses in life. 

The day was perfect!  Elise wore my baptismal gown.  I was always so excited for my child to get to wear this gown.  Every time my mom would show it to me, I would get giddy about how special it will be for me to have my baby wear it.  And it was just as special as I believed it would be.  I hope she will feel the same way.

She had her closest family there with her on her special day.  Family, that (I think) before she was born, had dwindled on their beliefs. 

We returned home for a brunch buffet and cake… that turned out just how I pictured it!  

I’m so excited for our little girl!  She does and will make so many people smile throughout her lifetime.  I know she makes me smile more than I ever thought possible!  She, alone, has brought faith back into my life.

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