Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Spring Garden Update Plus an Easy Green Smoothie

So, last year our garden was a bust.  Between the heat, my pregnancy, and the condition of our soil, our plants just didn’t want to produce.  I am really hoping that this year is different.  I think our soil has improved much through the winter… we also added some compost and peat moss to help it maintain moisture.  Last year, our garden boxes were like the Sahara. 

So far, I have planted a mixed variety of lettuces, kale, carrots, and arugula of which the kale and lettuces are growing already.  I also bought a swiss chard plant which seems to be doing well.  I am so excited to make green smoothies with our very own garden produce (recipe at the bottom)!  

We also have two rhubarb plants in the alley but I don’t think we will be getting a crop this year. 

Our seedlings just aren’t doing great indoors so I am thinking we will be buying plants this year.  Tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant are on the list.  Basil and rosemary are some herbs that I really want to grow too.  We already have mint and what seems to be cilantro growing in odd places in the yard. 

As always, our raspberry garden is in full force.  I added a golden raspberry stock to liven up the variety! 

Golden Raspberry
We plan on using the entire side of the house to plant pumpkins this year.  We are already excited for roasted pumpkin seeds!

Our peach tree survived this year and hopefully we will have some deliciously sweet peaches come August!  

Peach Blossom
Elise got her very own peony this year!  It is a coral peony and I am very excited to see it bloom!

Cross your fingers that I will have lots of garden updates this summer.  Also, some rain dancing would be greatly appreciated!  

Green smoothie recipe:

-2 cups of greens plus some liquid (I use water but any kind of milk or juice would work)
-2 cups of ripe fruit and veggies (banana, oranges, strawberries, apples... anything goes really)
-add-ins (chia, flax, protein powder, wheat germ, anything you want)
-Blender or bullet (I use the bullet)

Blend the greens and the liquid first then add in your fruit/veggies and add-ins.  Blend until smooth!  Enjoy!

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