Thursday, April 24, 2014

Elise is 7 Months Old!


What a month does!  You have suddenly become your own little person who knows what she wants.  You are a curious, happy, demanding, cuddly, and above all, oh so loving.

You are a mama’s girl but your face lights up when you see your daddy.   You give him the biggest smile (one that I only see when you see him) I read somewhere that babies seek fun and excitement from their dads and love and comfort from their moms…that fits you to a T.  However, I think we lose out to your pups.  They get the biggest smiles and happiest laughs from you.

You hate when your dad or me walks away from you.    In fact, you are typing with me right now because you didn’t want to be one foot away.  You have become very attached this last week and it is hard for us to get anything done.  I love that you love to cuddle.  You reach for me in your sleep and if you don’t feel me you wake up (which has its own problems) but I still love it no matter what.  Speaking of sleep… what is sleep?  I am chalking it up to teething and I hope this new found hate for sleeping of yours ends soon.  It takes about 45 minutes to get you to take a nap and go to bed.  Whatever it is just make it end soon… mommy is tired!

You absolutely love to eat.  You still despise avocados but everything else you love.  You love feeding yourself already and will get mad if I try feeding you.  I have recently started giving you whatever we are eating for dinner.  Last night, you ate chicken, pasta, and veggies.  I blended some at first but you weren’t having that, so I cut little pieces up and you gobbled it down.  You were happily eating away for about 30 minutes.  Your other favorites are HappyPuffs and Little Yums.  You also love sharing my morning bowl of oatmeal.

You are sitting up like a pro now.  You are pulling yourself forward so that you end up on your belly, which I think is a good start to crawling.  I’m thinking that by next month you will be mobile.  We need to get going on baby proofing!

You absolutely love being outside.  Whether it be in the yard or out for walk.  I can put you in your bumbo and garden away and you’ll be happily pulling at the grass, watching the dogs, or just watching what I am doing.  If you’re having a particularly bad day, I can take you outside and you will stop crying instantly.

You had your first trip to the zoo this month and your first ride on the carousel. Daddy was so excited…get ready to go with him a lot!

You also celebrated your first Easter and dyed your first Easter egg. We went on an egghunt together.  So far, that has been the best holiday with you! 

Things you love:

Your pups
Anything that is not a toy (my wallet and hair especially)
Your Ergo
Your mommy and daddy (but that goes without saying)

Things you hate:

Sleep in general
Being left alone for 0.3 seconds

One of the funniest things you have started to do when you’re mad is turning really red and putting your firsts up in the air and yelling.  All I can do is laugh.

You are my angel, my star, my darling! Mommy loves you!  Happy SEVEN months!

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